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 Dr. Shan White-Shaw is an entrepreneur, mother, wife, national speaker, community leader, published author, and a great cook. Motivated and determined, she is a survivor of domestic violence; she made it out.


She tells us: “While being in a dark place and losing sight of who I was; not knowing if I was going be going to jail or in the grave, I continue to seek the face of God. I asked him to deliver me and get me out of this situation. After losing my sister to domestic violence, God sent me on an assignment. He guided me so I could have a better understanding of what He was trying to show me. One day He made it picture clear for me, and that was the day I gave God a ‘yes’ and surrendered. On that day, when I said ‘yes to His will and to His way’ I didn't look back. God began to deliver and heal me. He later began to bless my life. In addition, He began to give me the desires of my heart. For everything I went through, He gave me double for my trouble.”


Shan White-Shaw is the owner of multiple businesses such as:

  • Let's Talk Real Talk Woman Empowerment.


  • Let's Talk Catering Service 

  • Anointed T-shirt Company


  • God Didn't Forget About Me Apparel Brand


From Shan:

“I want to say this to the ones that are going through, I know what it feels like when you're crying out to God. It seems like He doesn't hear or answer you. You're saying ‘God where are you?’ I want to say to you, no matter how dark your situation or storm is, God didn't forget about you. God is doing things on your behalf behind the scenes that you don't even know. Understand that it's all done in God's timing, not our timing, but God's timing. I'm just so thankful that God didn't forget about me. 


Dr. Shan White-Shaw

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